Calderon Stadium Madrid

unsplash-logo Liam McKay 

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What are your earliest / first memories of football?

Why are you in love with the game?

I used to go and watch?

My greatest game was?

Future of football?

Who was your football idol / hero and why?

I love football because?

Favourite footy quote

If you weren’t a footballer what would you have been (for pros)

My favourite ground was (for pros)

Biggest influence / best opponent / hardest trainer best dancer / funniest team mate / biggest joker  (for pros)

You wouldn’t know I used to...(for pros)

My favourite twitter / Instagram account

My favourite piece of memorabilia

I’m a fan of Football Manager yes/no

Funniest football moment?

What team did you support growing up? 

What is the 1st world cup you remember? 

What TV show can you not live without? 

Who do you play as in FIFA? 

What do you listen too before the game?

What is the weirdest fan gift you’ve got?

What do you think of VAR?

What is your iconic football moment? (i.e. Maradona hand of god, Man Utd v Bayern final, Liverpool in Istanbul, Zidane @ Hampden, etc)

What is your favourite goal celebration?

Greatest Player of All Time?