The Hand of God; the headbutt; Istanbul; extra-time in ’99 and Beckham’s 3 Lions free kick.
These are the defining moments from the beautiful game in the modern era. From the careers of football icons come moments that are widely celebrated, berated and re-lived time and again on the terraces, bars and through the media the world over.


Hi, we're Jeff and Steve; two creatives based in Aberdeen, Scotland who are also massive football fans. Love the Game began as a bit of fun, something on the side-lines from the 9-5 and a way for us to talk about football daily. 

Love The Game is about understated design and letting sports fans support their favourite team or player by celebrating the cities where they made their mark. Our T Shirts give credit to the greatest football legends in history including Maradona, Baggio and Pele. 

We recognise the stories that are born from these legends become defining moments in our lives as fans. Our T Shirts connect us all by naming the cities where our legends have celebrated their greatest victories – to know the game, you have to love the game.

Love the Game. A Legend in T Shirts.