Show your colours, share your passion and tell us your stories!

Show your colours, share your passion and tell us your stories!

We're delighted to finally launch the Love The Game Blog. It's been nearly a year since we launched our first collection of #legendshirts and the reaction has been fantastic. Everyone really gets what we are trying to do.

Aberdeen Football Club Striker Adam Rooney (@roons9)It's been great seeing Aberdeen Striker Adam Rooney (@roons9) and Rocket Long (@rocketjoe) from Soccer AM and now wearing one of our shirts and helping us to promote the brand. Rocket Long (@RocketLongJOE)It's mindblowing to walk down the street and see someone wearing one of our Legend shirts too. Okay it's only happened a couple of times but the world of football is a big place and we've shipped them to Sweden, NYC and the Netherlands!

So....we decided we wanted to start a blog to share some love stories from fans, players, in fact anyone connected to the game. There are millions of us out there and a never ending hunger for well written football stories. And we all have at least one inside of us. Why not email us at if you want to share your love of the game with us? 

You might want to share a heart warming tale like when you saw Congleton's oldest supporter  85yr old Fred Cope walk into the club's ground to watch the game just as the club were about to hold a minutes silence to commemorate his death!

Or you might remember when Chelsea were forced to issue an official statement outlawing celery from Stamford Bridge; 

"In future, if anyone is found attempting to bring celery into Stamford Bridge they could be refused entry and anyone caught throwing celery will face a ban."

Or you might just want to tell us why football means so much to you.

As far as we are concerned football blogging has no rules we just want you to bring your passion! And if you want some inspiration we have loads of questions to jog your memory click here!

Get in touch and share the love! 

(and don't forget to tell us who you support!)


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